Healthy Aging Campaign

September 18, 2017

Our Healthy Aging programming was created to highlight the positive aspects of grain foods’ nutrition for those 50 years old and older – and to weave these messages throughout positive communications and upbeat graphics. More than a third of America’s population is over 50, and this demographic is looking for ways to stay healthy and active. We know that grain foods are essential for healthy, active aging.

Eating sufficient carbohydrate fuels the body and allows protein to be used for other important functions, instead of being broken down for energy. Quality carbohydrates can help sustain time spent exercising, and increase exercise intensity by providing needed nutrients, making every meal and pre- or post-exercise snack taste great. If aged 50-plus adults don’t consume the needed amount of carbohydrates, their bodies can rely on protein for energy, making the protein less available for things like maintaining muscle mass. There are vital nutrients in carbohydrates, including grains. Grain foods are the foods we love that love us back!

Spreading our Message
We have collaborated with two organizations directly associated with healthy aging to distribute our messages to Nutrition Communicators and Spokespeople and Healthy Aging Communicators and Spokespeople.

We have collaborated with the International Council on Active Aging to write a series of blog posts, the majority of which have been/will be written by GFF’s Scientific Advisory Board.  The ICAA blog is read by more than 50,000 members of the Council.  These members can leverage the grain foods-positive messaging with their patients and clients in their healthy aging-oriented businesses and practices.

Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, CSSD, a nutrition professor emerita at Georgia State University in Atlanta, a consultant with health organizations, the food industry and commodity boards promoting healthy and active living, also contributed content to our series: Are your clients going carb-free? Help them think again for healthy, active aging

Sylvia Klinger, MS, RD, LDN, CPT, DBA, a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, authored this post, focusing on preparing nutrient packed meals and the role grains can play in caring for older family members and clients: Healthy Aging in the Hispanic Population Caring for Abuelita: The Joys and Challenges

Dr. Bruce Young, MD, another member of our Scientific Advisory Board and professor at NYU Medical School has also authored two posts for us. The first focuses on the vital roles staying active and getting essential vitamins for wellness- often through grains-  play for women through adolescence, into middle age, and after menopause: Nutrition After Menopause – Be Your Best at Every Age

In his next post, Dr. Young again discusses that the brain and body require the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, but focuses on what happens to women’s bodies after menopause. For example, proper nutrition is somewhat different after menopause because there tends to be loss of bone, connective tissue and muscle mass, so it is even more important to get the proper nutrients and exercise. This content, on our microsite, provided by Dr. Bruce Young, will also appear on the ICAA website in a slightly different format.

In addition, GFF reached the Healthy Aging DPG’s 1600+ members through a series of e-blasts and sponsored webinar dedicated to Grains & Healthy Aging.

The Healthy Aging DPG members are nutrition communicators who are employed in community nutrition programs, government agencies, wellness programs, assisted living settings, universities, hospitals and health care facilities, long term care and in private practice.


Healthy Aging Materials

Healthy Aging Microsite
It was important to package all of our healthy aging materials in a cohesive way that demonstrates the powerful portfolio of science that supports the grain connection to healthy aging. Within this site, communicators can easily access a healthy aging fact sheet, questions and answers, contributions and blog posts from our experts, infographics, healthy recipes and additional resources.

Healthy Aging Month Toolkit
To effectively promote ‘September is Healthy Aging Month’, we have created a handful of communication tools for you to leverage within your social networks. We’ve compiled several infographics, FAQ’s, and a comprehensive fact sheet that can be re-purposed for multiple uses and social posts.

In this toolkit, we’ve also included:

  • Social posts and tweets for your use
  • Tips on creating compelling social posts that will highlight key data points

Next steps?

  • Share our recommended posts on your social platforms and check out our social pages for additional content to share
  • Write your own content using this data